Proximity Setup iPhone 11

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Hi Community,
we have to deploy new iphone 11 to our Users.
New iPhones are in ADE (DEP) but we are experiencing a problem when we try to restore backup using proximity setup (Quick Start) from old devices manually enrolled in Jamf (previous phones were not in DEP).
We we try we land on the Quick Start page on new device but there is missing the page where it asks to transfer data from iPhone.
Can someone please indicate us a best practice to do this? Using Quick Start it takes up to 30 minutes to restore but now we are enforced to use iTunes backup that takes some times more than 3 hrs.

Thanking you in advance.


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I hope someone answers this question because this type of setup is critical to our enterprise.

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Hmm... What is the PreStage looking like? Do you have the option skipped there? Are you applying any configuration profiles at enrollment?

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Is the "Transfer Data" checkbox enabled under "Setup Assistant Options" in your Mobile Device PreStage? If so, the step is skipped during setup.

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I've just run through the process on iPad and it hasn't worked. All it seems to bring across is the Wi-Fi credentials.

I have "Transfer Data" and "Apps & Data" enabled (unticked) in the PreStage.

Do the code/Scan
Enter Passcode of Source Device
Then it goes straight to the Apps & Data screen with no option to import from the Source Device.

If this worked correctly it would make migrating users to a newer device seamless (Zero Touch) so the only changes would be the newer features of say a 2020 iPad Pro vs a 2015.

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Has anyone seen a fix for this? I also have the proper items unticked and enabled in our prestage - but when setting up a device, every option is there except the "transfer directly from iPhone" option.

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Do you have a profile installed on the old device with

New devices setup proximity prompt


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Running into this still, anyone have an update?