Pulling features from self service to a web portal

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Hey All;

Relative Casper newb here, I have a request to pull the content (links to install software, run user activated scripts, etc.) from Casper's Self Service app to an intranet site hosted in a google site. The idea is to minimize the number of portals we have and keep people on the intranet as much as possible for all things.

I can see a number of things wrong with this from the outset, authentication for starters, but it does seem like Self services' API is just an iframe that pulls from our jamfcloud domain, so it could conceivably be pulled (via scraping, or other semi-dubious method) and ported over. This would also likely call for the creation of potentially hundreds of different intranets, based on the amount and combination of smart/static groups, just to make sure that users weren't able to access software and scripts not meant for them.

Another possible vector that I noticed was simply having a Launch Application Request fire off of a link in our intranet, to make things a little more seamless, but so far as I can tell that's something that JAMF would have to file with ICANN, and likely wouldn't share access to with their userbase.

So what do you think; is there a way of linking directly to a specific features of the app from a website, or at least a definite explanation of why it can't be done?

Thanks for any help!


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I also just found these topics:


Which I could use as an alternative to trying to get a google site to act as a middleman for JSS, and our machines (Yes it get's more ridiculous the more that I think about it), but the functionality doesn't seem to be working anymore/I'm missing something crucial about getting the link to work.