Pulse Secure allowed when you been complaint in Intune

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We want acces our Macbooks in Jamf to get acces to Pulse Secure if you are complaint in Intune. 

If you are complaint than you will get acces to de resource Pulse Secure.

Azure AD needs a (Device id). Without Device ID, you not complaint, and you cannot get the resource.

Is there any way to get de Device ID from the Mac? is there anyone who helps me.


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The registration of your device into Intune will create both a computer and user Azure AD ID however the availability of these doesn’t confirm that the device is “compliant”.

If you simply want the device registered with Intune to make the application available for installation, you might be able to create a Smart Computer Group with the following criteria:

"Computer Azure Active Directory ID" is not ""

If only compliant devices should be able to use Pulse Secure to access your network, then the application must be integrated with Azure, and you should leverage off Conditional Access Policies to ensure compliance.