Push & pull configuration profiles at a specific time [iPadOS on Jamf Pro]

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We are trying to find out if there's a way to schedule configuration profiles to be pushed out and pulled back at specific times. Similair to what is done in Jamf Parent.

It looks like this feature is available in Jamf School with a 'time filter'? but have not seen this in Jamf Pro. I am aware that there are other ways to accomplish this task via our firewall, and am aware that this feature has been widely reported as unreliable. Was tasked to investigate this feature if available.

Thanks all!



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This has been requested a few times but is not currently available in Jamf Pro:


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There isn't a way to do this directly within the Jamf Pro UI, but you can create this functionality with the API. We do something somewhat similar and just have a script tied to a cron job that runs on a set schedule during the week.

For iPads: https://developer.jamf.com/jamf-pro/reference/mobiledeviceconfigurationprofiles