Push commands to multiple devices simultaneously

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Hey there!

As an initial disclaimer, I've looked through the discussions before posting this question. If this topic has already been answered, please direct me to the answer and accept my apology for missing it.

That being said, I am a novice when it comes to system administration. We've been using Jamf for our iPads in the classroom. I have a batch of 40 devices that I would like to send commands to. Updates, restarts, etc. I would like to send these commands to all devices at the same time.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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I do not have any iOS devices in our Jamf, but if you do a search or create a group (Smart or Static) with the devices, try the Action button at the bottom of the search results window. You should be able to send remote commands from there.

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If you put them all into a smart group you can do the action button and send commands to all the devices in that group!