Querying Services and RUNNING services on a Mac.


I have come across an possible issue with the storing of of RUNNING services on a Mac within the JSS.
JSS seems to be retaining ALL services that ever ran on a Mac, rather than currently running services.


  1. APP abc has a service abcserv running when installed.
  2. inventory run on mac which updated info in JSS
  3. JSS shows service abcserv running for that device.
  4. APP abc uninstalled - confirmed service no longer running
  5. inventory re-run on that Mac. result JSS still showing service abcserv for that device listed in
  6. Inventory query using SERVICES in top drop-down query and specifying Services name "abcserv"
  7. inventory - with query set to criteria of running service for "abcserv"
  8. Smart Group with a criteria querying Running Service abcserv.

Is this by design? The title RUNNING services would seem to indicate this is dynamic and would update when inventory/recon is run, but doesnt appear to be the case.




I believe my organization saw something similar that tied with the SCCM Plugin was filling up our production SCCM database with tons of unnecessary data

We ended up having to exclude the Services from being collected then all together stopped logging/collecting this in our JSS



thanks @sbirdsley. It does sound quite similar. I repeated the sequence a couple of days later and the problem was no longer evident. For certain conditions (eg. device falls out of compliance- user disables Filevault) we have inventory occurring at shorter internals. This then allows for fast remediation of the component, bringing the device back into compliance. After compliance is achieved, the standard inventory interval then applies eg. once a day for us. This may be causing the DB to fill up with loads of unnecessary inventory data. Have logged a ticket with support and see where that takes us. thanks again.