Question: Behaviour of iOS apps - Daily uninstall/reinstall

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On a daily basis, users are noticing Apps e.g Teams and Outlook disappearing from their phones and re-installing. I can see in the management history that on a daily basis it's getting a "install xxx app" The version is always the same until a new version comes around at which point will start installing daily with the new version.
I do run a daily inventory on devices
The apps in general have the following settings;
  • Install automatically
  • display app in self-service after install
  • Schedule jamf pro to automatically check app store for updates
  • automatically force App updates
  • Make app managed when possible
  • convert unmanaged ap to managed
I want to keep the apps updated when a new version comes around but don't believe the app should be uninstalling/reinstalling if there isn't a new version. Does anyone know if this is typical behavior or have any idea what might be wrong?

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How are you scoping these? It sounds like whatever method you're using the device and or user is temporarily not meeting the criteria in a smart group or ldap limitation then meeting it again at another time. 

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Thanks for getting back to me,


Using Microsoft Outlook and Teams, there are scoped to x2 Smart groups called "all Managed iphones" and "all Managed iPads" where the Smart group Criteria searches for the Model and a value of iPad or iPhone respectively.

I have just noticed with the  Microsoft Teams app when trying to change the scoping it shows as not being scoped to anywhere, but when on the full app list it shows the correct scoping so I cannot remove or re-add the scope. I will delete this app and re-create it to see if that improves anything.

Otherwise, Outlook is scoped correctly and I can edit it as I would be able to expect.

We do not use any User based scoping currently but LDAP is configured, any deployments we are trying to keep simple.