Question regarding a setting on a Restrictions profile for IOS devices and PARCC testing


Hi, On Friday I upgraded my JSS from 9.62 to 9.7. I also made some changes to a Restrictions profile that I use on my lab iPads currently being used for PARCC testing.

I wanted to prevent users from installing anything and to manage all apps through Casper. It seems that the unchecking of “Allow installing apps” prevented the devices that had the TestNav app pushed out to them (managed) prevented them from going into “Autonomous Single App Mode” whereas the devices that had the TestNav app manually installed continued to work. I would have thought, if anything, the exact opposite and that managed apps would continue to work. Either way many of the devices couldn’t lock down TestNav into single app mode and were holding up testing this morning, so I removed that restriction and pushed that profile back out to all devices using the Restrictions profile.

I am curious as to why this restriction caused this behavior. Anyone else experience this?

Also if I re-enable this setting once testing is done, does anything happen to the apps that were manually installed as opposed to those installed via Casper? Do they remain on the devices until uninstalled or do they get removed? Going by this morning's problem with TestNav, they seem to remain on the device.




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