Questions Regarding Escrowing PRKs in Jamf Pro

New Contributor

Im getting ready to go-live with FV2 and PRKs this fall. Doing final testing and documentation now.

I had a FV2 Mac ‘on-ice’ for a few weeks for testing. It was shut down and left alone on purpose to test a few things. When I booted it up, I noticed the PRK escrowed in Jamf did NOT match the PRK on the laptop (I am testing a Smart Group to report this, which was accurate). Questions about this observation:

-Did the act of leaving the Mac dormant for a long time cause the PRKS to get out-of-sync?

-Do escrowed PRKs automatically rotate over time?

-Does the act of viewing the PRK in Jamf Pro cause the PRK to rotate?

-If I would have let the Mac sit a while to run a recon, check for policies etc, would the escrowed PRK get set on the Mac eventually?