Quick prompt when installing profile on IOS

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So when it trys to install the Profile, the user is getting the following prompt for about 1sec. Need to be fast to hit Allow!

"The website is trying to open settings to show you a configuration profile" Cancel/Allow

Only happening on 10.3.3 that I am aware of. This was tested on a new device fresh out of the box. Anyone know how to fix this?


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@wcaulf can you take a look at Jamf Pro 9.100.0? Apple has added a new security feature which presents itself as a popup message for Configuration Profile installations. As you noticed, the user needs to manually select Allow in order to install the CA certificate and the MDM enrollment profile during OTA enrollment. To address the new popup, the Jamf enrollment process now pauses to give end users a chance to manually allow the profile installations. Please let us know if that helps ease this issue, we look forward to your feedback.