"enroll -noManage" actually creates jss_admin management account

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I'm trying to enroll some machines for inventory only, as unmanaged.
Following the binary help, that's what the -noManage flag is supposed to do :

-noManage Stops enroll from enforcing the management framework

But when running it, it systematically creates the jss_admin account with a random password and saves it in the JSS, resulting in a Managed by jss_admin computer.

I can then go into the JSS and uncheck Allow JSS to perform management tasks to remove the jss_admin account infos and change the computer to Unmanaged, but I'd like to avoid enroll to do it in the first place.

Is there any way to do this ? Is it a bug in the jamf binary ?

The binary / JSS version is the latest : 9.96.1472575603.c

Thank you !