"iPads for DEP" - Smart Group

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Hey All!

I'm trying to create a smart group that shows iPads needing to go into our DEP. So far I have:

(Enrollment Method: User-initiated - invitation is User navigated to URL navigated to URL using completed invitation

or Enrollment Method: User-initiated - no invitation is Yes)

I want to somehow add the criteria that the iPad is not assigned to a Prestage Enrollment so that it is not a member of this smart group. Anyone have a solution for this one?


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You can see all of the devices in a particular DEP account in Settings > Device Enrollment Program. From there find the desired account, and you can see all of the devices and their current PreStage under the "Devices" tab.

Not the most dynamic, but you could take that data and make a static group that you could use in your smart group criteria.