"No Internet Connection"

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Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has had any similar experiences. We have Managed Apple IDs created through ASM. Our iPads are in Shared iPad mode. This small school district that is using a set of 30 iPads (which are managed by us through Jamf Pro) will not let students log in with their Managed Apple IDs. It will let them use the "Guest" option though. When you go to the wi-fi network, this "no internet connection" error shows up. However, they do have internet and are able to work within GChrome, etc without issues. Their I.T. Director says that other devices (desktops, etc) tend to have this same error populate at random moments. It is my understanding that this usually means there is a good connection from the device to the Access Point, but there is a routing issue from the Access Point to the gateway. I have not been able to determine the hardware this district uses yet (awaiting email from him on that). He did say the following: "We have replaced all the switches including putting in a new router. It is a problem that comes and goes without us changing anything on our side. I am not saying it couldn't be the content filter or firewire but I have not been able to isolate it yet. " 

His school is 2 hrs away from me, so I'm trying to see how I can help him from afar. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Thanks in advance!