Raspberry Pi 2 as netsus server

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Yes, I know not the best idea, but this was just a fun project to see if I could get it to work. I found Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi 2 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi.

I have it all setup on a 128GB MicroSD, the partition is extended and the Pi is on the network.

When you run the installer you get this error.

Error: Did not detect a 64-bit kernel (Detected armv7l).

This is hardly surprising, but apart from Ubuntu being an ARM version if you could bypass this check would you expect it to work. I'm assuming it won't be quick, but it was just a fun project and I was hoping to at least get past the OS check :).

Any thoughts?

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pretty sure Pepijn got his netboot server BSDPy working as a docker container on hypriot for Raspberry Pi

I'd start looking at that.

Benefit of his netboot server is that you can host the actual .nbi DMG elsewhere on say a cluster of webservers so that the raspberry pi is only serving the booter/kernel and the bulk of the work is handled by your web server so performance is decent.

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Thanks for the reply .Did Pepijn write this up somewhere?