Re-Enroll iPad without having a Mac or DEP

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Hello everybody,
a colleague of mine managed to somehow get an iPad managed with JamfSchool out of the administration and register it as a private device.

After the delivery of the devices, the iPads were integrated into Jamf School by our retailer using Apple configurator 2 for enrolling.

Now I am faced with the problem, that I would like to get the device back to a managed Profile, but I don't own a Mac (and neither a tvOS device).

Does anyone know of another solution how to get the managed profile back on the iPad?

The device itself is still in JamfSchool (with serial number and everything), but it shows as "inactive for 25 days". So I just have to get the profile back on the iPad myself, but how?

I would be very happy about any help or tips!
Michi Schnell


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@geck. Is the device enrolled in Apple Business Manager and assigned to a MDM?