Recon stuck before submitting data to Jamf




I'm running into a tricky situation. Indeed it seems like a bunch of people already encountered this problem. But never I was able to find a solution or a proper diagnostic of the said problem.

Here I am:

Using verbose I saw that it was freezing once the gatekeeper status was retrieved. So in order to understand which part was next, and sopposedly faulty, I compared with another computer that was running the inventory correctly.

Apparently after the gatekeeper status check comes the mobile sync infos, but on the said computer the folder doesn't exists so I suppose it is skipped. (I also tried disabling this data collection to make sure it was still freezing even when ignoring this check).

So if it's not this, then what's next ?

The data submition to Jamf. Soooo I guess this is where we have a problem.


After many tries the inventory update date in the inventory was alway a few weeks old. But, when deletinf the computer and re-enrolling, the first inventory, which creates thhe computer entry in the inventory works. With this I finally managed to get an up to date inventory in jamf. Though, it doesnt fix the problem. Once the computer has finishhed its enrollement, the inventory doesn't seem to work anymore.


Does anyone have a clue, this is making me crazy ?


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Are your Jamf Servers On Prem or Cloud Hosted?


Have you ran the recon command with the verbose flag? Wherever it pauses during the verbose mode, thats the identifier of where you need to look (in the log flushing section)


If you're On Prem I recommend checking out your SQL Database & the Log Flushing Settings in the Jamf Pro Dashboard. (Log Flushing is located at 'Settings -> System Settings -> Log Flushing) it looks like the below. It sounds like your DB may be bogged down. Restarting your On Prem servers may help as well.


Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 11.38.10 AM.png

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@fdeltesta this happened to me once.  I recommend looking at the number of Extension Attributes you have running or setup in your Jamf Console.  I saw the exact same thing you're seeing: recon running manually on a machine would sit and sit and sit and sit and sit.  I saw a post from another MacAdmin who mentioned it's not good to have around 10 or more EA's selected in your Jamf Pro system.  I removed many that were put up by other admin's (making sure I exported and copied them out if I ever needed them) and after I did that, recon completed in what seemed like record time.

Hope that helps you.