Recon - v9.82 via About Recon but v9.81 when using Get Info

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Just downloaded Casper 9.82 from my assets and ran Recon. Noticing that Recon is showing "Recon 9.82 for ...." in the application, and "Version 9.82" when using Recon->About Recon but Apple's "Get Info" shows 9.81.

No biggie - just wanted to let JAMF know.acfc052b3b29473690b79e486163ece9



OS X seems to cache the "Get Info" info, and updated apps can have old info for a little while.

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As @lunddal said, this is exactly what happens. You will find in a little while it just magically starts showing the right version.
It pretty much always happens if you drop a file into the exact same location as a previous file of the same name.
Restart usually fixes it if your in a hurry to see if it's actually changed.