Redeployment Options for User Level Configuration Profiles do not redeploy

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Hey Casper folks,

we are testing scoping user level CPs for AD-accounts (MDM) with limitation to LDAP groups or users. Therefor we have some strange behaving when it comes to payload change on allreay pushed/installed CP´s. In the case of redeployment options "Distribute to All" the CP´s payload change will not be pushed/installed/changed druing the next user login. Users witch are in scope do not have the CP yet will install the new CP with the payload change. With in this i have users with an old config and a new config. In fact i thougt "Distrubte to All" means deploy to all computers in scope, including devices that already have this profile installed. But this looks like "Distribute to All" works identical to"Distribute to Newly Assigned Devices Only" when using user level CPs. Any thougts? Bug?
My workarround for this is always create a new CP and delete the old one. On computer level CP redeploymend option "Distribute to All" works for all clients in scope as it should work.
Thank You.



2.5 years later and this is still a bug? Fantastic.... I can't believe there is no way in a product of this cost and age to re-deploy a profile, or settings to ensure a profile is on the system (i.e. re-apply if removed). Not much of a management solution when it manages almost nothing. It's really just a blind push that may or may not work.

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There definitely needs to be a way to re-deploy a profile to an individual machine for an MDM, the competition may lack some of Jamf's other functionality, but has this feature standard.


This seems to be a big issue with JAMF. It has bells and whistles, but the foundation is terrible and missing so many features that the bells don't chime and the whistles are useless.