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I'm looking for ways to migrate existing machines into our JAMF Pro implementation.  Utopia would have us erase the machines and re-enrol through DEP.  Out thinking is we will do this as part of our hardware refresh cycle.  In the meantime I've been looking at using reenroller (GitHub - jamf/ReEnroller: Migrate macOS devices from one Jamf Server to another.) to migrate existing machines across.  Although the migration is working the MDM profile is not downloaded for the user to approve.  Am I missing something in the configuration or do I have to script a Profile to manually download and open "Self Service" to prompt the user to approve it.



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Contributor III

Is the machine you are trying to enroll on macOS Catalina or higher? If I'm not mistaken, the way ReEnroller works on Mojave and lower is essentially using a QuickAdd package to enroll the device into the new server, however, that won't work anymore on newer operating systems.

If you assign the device to a prestage enrollment in jamf and then use the "Call Automated Enrollment" checkbox when creating the ReEnroller package, you should get the automated enrollment prompt via APNS to get the machine enrolled. 

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I have never used that tool, but there is a simple command which I have made a standard action with a manual enrollment. Running this appears to put it in "Supervised" mode with out a reset, but is still not registered as DEP enrolled device. Hope this helps. 

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment