Remodeling Our Test Enviroment

Contributor II

Hey Guys, Rather than directly contacting a select group of folks to ask for their opinions and suggestions in the background, I thought I would ask this question out in the open as it could benefit many more. In the past I have tested my policies, packages, and imaging workflows on dedicated hardware...i.e the four or five laptops sitting in my office with TESTING 1, TESTING 2 written in permanent marker on the lids. I would like to build out a better virtualized testing environment but really need some specific direction. I watched Rich Trouton's awesome presentation at JNUC14( and it really lead me to finally getting this done. So I am asking for suggestions as to what hardware should I buy to host VM's? Do you replicate your directory environment in your test environment? Do you use a testing subnet within your network? Thanks in advance for any help is greatly appreciated!