Remote File Loading for iPad

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I have been looking for a way to do some type of remote push or load of files to an iPad but am not having any luck.  I hope I am just over-complicating it and overlooking an obvious solution.


Here is an example... I wish to have a monthly updated PPT file pushed out to 100 iPads and have Powerpoint loop the slides.  Kind of like small display digital signage that sits by a front desk.  I am not stuck on PPT.  Another option would be to use a few still images of slides that get pushed and have those go into a loop within the built in Photos app.


Basically just looking for a way to remotely push a set of images that would change about once a month without requiring a user to manually go online and download them each time.


Anyone doing something similar?  Or have an idea of how to pull that off?




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My immediate thought was why not just have the PPT embedded on a site and have the device single app mode locked to that site (if its intended as a Kiosk device). That way you just update the site.

The other method is to create an SMB map via the files app and then you would need to automate the downloading of the files from that mapped drive. This is a method I use to allow a specific file to be downloaded onto the iPads. Just provide a link to the SMB share with permission setup for access. Personally not automated file downloads but should be doable with some tweaking.


Food for thought.