Remote Work: how do I handle EFI / Firmware Passwords



the vast majority of our users work remotely. We have a Firmware Password enabled for all macs.

Today 2 remote users complained about being stuck on the EFI-Password screen. We can obviously not just tell them the password as we would need to change it company-wide after that. Also, removing the EFI-Password with a Jamf policy won't work as the startup policy is not triggered yet when reaching the EFI screen.

Does anyone have any experience when it comes to Firmware Passwords in remote work? How do you handle such cases?

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It seems to be a apple problem, wich is triggerd by some macOS updates sometimes, somehow.


Did you find a solution for this issue? Sometimes a restart helps to fix this issue, but not always.


I did not find a solution to this. Also no workaround.

Currently, we just exchange or manually log in to the devices stuck on an EFI screen. This is very inefficient for remote working people of course, as we have to physically access the device.


If anyone has an idea, any help is highly appreciated!