Removal Order

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We have a department that gives Ipads to their students. These ipads include paid apps and books and are supervised and managed through Jamf.

The apps and books only have a limited number of licenses. Once the students are done with the program the ipads are theirs to keep. My question is this. In what order should I remove these ipads from Jamf and Apple school manager?

I'm assuming I would unscope the ipads from the apps and books, remove the ipads from the pre-stage enrollment, delete from Jamf and then delete from Apple school manager.

Is that the correct order I should follow?


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You can set the app "Remove app when MDM profile is removed". I guess that can save you the step of unscoping each app. Books don't have that feature, so I guess unscope them 1 by 1, not sure. If you have a Smart/Static group for these iPad, you can send a mass action to unmanaged. Then delete them from Jamf. They'll be removed from the Pre-Stage. Last would be ASM. Please run some tests first.