Remove MDM profile from my MacBook

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Hi, Can any one please help me out to remove MDM profile from my MacBook Air? I have bought used one MacBook Air, about 15 days before. When I have bought it it was fine. Then I have update it with new os version which was Catalina and when I was doing that it shows that your MacBook is remotely managed by some school. I have tried to contact that guy form whom I have bought it. But, he didn't respond. Even apple denied to help me out with this problem. Now, I am in big trouble. I don't have more money to spend on it. So, can anyone help me out to remove that MDM profile from my MacBook? Moreover, looking for detail steps for that. As I am windows user so, not familier with Mac OS. Hope so some one can help me out. Thank you in advance.



Contact the School, it's probably stolen :-(


Yep agreed, contact the school that the Mac is saying it's owned by. Things certainly get stolen and re-sold. The other common thing is that a school will have sold off their old inventory, but forgot to remove some of that inventory from their DEP account. So just find out whether or not the computer was rightfully sold, and if it was, give them the serial number for it and ask them if they could: "please remove the computer from your DEP account?"