Remove single device from Prestage

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Hi guys,

im new to jamf and actually having a problem with a device which i am using for testing.

Actually its not able to get this phone into worked once (27.11). For documentation purposes i startet the process again. It shows up in Apple Business Manager with the latest timestamp (today 4.12). I switch MDM server to our server but nothing happens in jamf. It still keeps entry in pre-stage from 27.11. Thats probably the reason why the process cannot be completed again. 

I cannot find any option to delete a single device from pre-stage. The only option i get is to delete our pre-stage profile.

Any idea what i can do?

Greetings Frank


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Forgot to mention its an iPhone 14 Pro

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To add or remove devices from a Prestage just go to the scope tab in the Prestage Enrollment. Only devices with a checkmark will be enrolled using the prestage. 

However, did you reset the iPhone AFTER you moved the MDM? If you are having enrolling, the phone might still have an enrollment record for the old prestage. Try using mac to wipe and restore the phone again. 

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Yes, i resetted the phone several times.....busy with this for 2 days now ;-). The checkbox didn´t change anything because of the timestamp, where it aleready completed one. But i think i found the real problem. Last sync from jamf prestage to ABM had a real old timestamp. I reuploaded the server token at "automated device enrollment". After this the device got a new timestamp an completed the enroll.