Removed App Still Available from Apple?

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I just tried to put an App (Glogster) in Self Serve for Mobile Devices and found the notification in Jamf - "This app was removed from the App Store. It is no longer available for deployment. The app was automatically removed from Self Service."

I assumed there was a newer version of the App and went to ASM to purchase the new App. Once purchased I saw they were added to the same Glogster app making me suspect there is not new version.

I then when to my iPad app store and found the App there.

Any thoughts on why the app is available in ASM and the App store, but not Jamf?


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We see this occasionally in our on-prem instance of Jamf Pro and it is fixed by a SQL command that support gave me a while back. I haven't tried this, but have you tried deleting the app from your instance and adding it back?

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That did it. Thank you!

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Hello IT, did you try turning it off and back on again?? ;)