Removing App Library icon from dock in iOS 15


Does anyone know if there is a configuration profile I can use to turn off Settings -> Home Screen & Dock -> Show App Library in Dock?  I see iPadOS 15 decided to add this "super helpful feature" for us and defaulted it to on, of course.  It ignores my Home Screen Layout profile and puts it in the dock anyway.


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Such a feature would be very helpful.

If I find a solution, I will make a new reply, but so far I haven't been able to sort out the dock settings by default. It is a completely useless function for managed iPads.

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I would also love to hear/find a solution!

We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.

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I'd like one too!

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This and also Settings -> Home Screen & Dock -> Show Suggested and Recent Apps in Dock.

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Just checking to see if anyone has found a solution to this?

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Definitely something we're looking into as well!

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I would also like to remove this from the Dock. Any how-to suggestions are most welcome.

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Looking for this feature as well to hide App Library and not show Suggested and Recent Apps in Dock.

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Almost 2 years and still no answer to this? I need one of 2 things with this - either remove the dock entirely, or have it where recently opened apps do not show up in the dock at all.

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Unfortunately, there is to my knowledge no sensible way of removing this. Back in 2021 our best solution was to boot up the iPads and change it manually on each single device through the settings app. Speed forward to 2023 and we have come nowhere closer to a proper, manageable solution.

What bothers me the most about this "feature" is that it is 100% directed towards consumers who potentially may want to have their recent apps displayed in the dock. I personally don't see the need for that, but I digress.

I assume that a majority of all iPad sales comes from enterprise level companies, schools and other organisations. They typically share the common expectation to be given the ability to streamline the installation process as much as possible, removing all manual steps.

Why give us things like MDM systems, DEP, VPP only to miss the mark with a completely useless feature like this? Opt-in should be the standard whenever Apple comes up with a new way of telling people how to use their products.


I would love for anybody from Jamf to really resolve this. There are a lot of restrictions that can be setup for an IPad and this would be very helpful to have. Especially for Kindergarten students who don't need the extra library option. The idea is to engage students to be on educational apps instead of "clicking" around. No solution yet?!

I was reading though the forum and this request has been made many times, with the first I found was in 2018! 

Especially in K-12 Education

We need to be able to control:
1) Use Large App Icons

2) Show App Library in Dock

3) Show Suggested and Recent Apps in Dock