reoccurring Device Signature Error

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I have a machine that keeps getting Device Signature Error if I try to run sudo Jamf policy or sudo Jamf recon.

I can temporarily fix this error for a few days if I removeFramework and re-enroll the machine.  The the error will come back

Fri Jun 17 10:14:04 IN-XXX-180122 jamf[75414]: Error Domain=com.jamf.jamfsecurity.error Code=-25293 "unlockWithPassword:error: : The user name or passphrase you entered is not correct." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=unlockWithPassword:error: : The user name or passphrase you entered is not correct.}

Fri Jun 17 10:14:04 IN-XXXX-180122 jamf[75414]: 

There was an error.

     Device Signature Error - A valid device signature is required to perform the action.

The time is correct on the machine.  Anyone have any ideas on this?


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I'm having the same problem on a few computers that I enroll with a QuickAdd package, not through DEP.  The Device Signature only stays valid for about 15 minutes.

I'm seeing the same thing with QuickAdd enrolled devices. Have you found a solution?

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Are you also deleting the computer record in your JSS before removing the framework and re-enrolling?

No, I will give that a try.  Thank you.

Tried removing framework, deleting computer record in JSS, and re-enrolling.  Worked for a while but back to device signature error.