Reported IP address in Casper Remote

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We have a wifi network that gives access to internet only, and a wired network that allows access to file shares etc (as well as internet of course).

In Casper Remote, it's trying the "Reported IP address" first, which is the wifi, and after a timeout it then tries and succeeds through the Ethernet connection.

Is there any way to either set a faster timeout, or specify which IP ranges it tries to connect to?


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We have one machine where Casper Remote connects to the reported IP address and two computer where Casper remote tries to connect to the IP address, so its not working. We checked the two computers for which Casper remote isn't working and the IP address on the NIC is the reported IP address.

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We're seeing the issue where it doesnt even try the other (aka "reported ip") address. Are you saying it (as of v9.99.0) tries both? Right now our casper remote keeps trying the external IP of our ISP and doesnt try the internal network IP. How does that even make sense? In casper remote it actually shows the internal ip but when you click Start it uses the external IP.

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upon closer inspection it turns out to be an ssh authentication failure which makes it look like it's skipping the reported (internal) IP and goes straight to external IP. hopefully that helps others.