Reporting All Computers & Attributes

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Fairly new to Jamf.  Using Jamf Pro I would like to be able to create a single exportable report which can show all computers (assigned and not assigned) and for those which are assigned I would also like to include who they have been assigned to.

At the moment I can only see one report which show assigned devices with users, but if I want to see unassigned computers, I have to go into the Pre-Stage Enrollment.

Secondly it is possible to define a custom attribute that can be set against each computer?

Thank you.


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Computer in Jamf can be "Managed", "Unmanaged", or they can just be Assigned to a Pre-Stage enrollment through ABM.
You can report on Managed and Unmanaged computers. However, you can not report on computers that are assigned to a Pre-Stage, but have not yet been enrolled. Jamf does not start collecting inventory on a computer until it has been enrolled. 

The only way I know to collect info about the computers not enrolled but in a prestage would be to use API calls

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I've started reviewing the API but there does not appear to be any calls that can retrieve all devices related to a specific prestage group.
Do you know which call would provide this please?