Reporting installed apps for computer group

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I've been asked to pull a report for all apps installed on Macs in our India office. I created a mySQL query which pulls based on computer name, but can't figure out how to clump the data - like apps, computername, and version together (i'm not a mySQL expert - or even close). I can export it to Excel and do it there, but I'm wondering if there is a way to do it directly from the query.

My syntax:
SELECT DISTINCT a.computer_name AS 'ComputerName', c.application_name AS 'Application Name', c.application_version AS 'Version'
From computers_denormalized a INNER JOIN reports b ON a.computer_id = b.computer_id
INNER JOIN applications c ON b.report_id = c.report_id
WHERE a.computer_name LIKE '%MHYD%'
ORDER BY c.application_name, a.computer_name


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I don't think I'd go to the database to get this info. I agree it's difficult to get out of the web GUI, but have you thought about the API? You should be able to write a script to get the info, then do some sort magic to count things up.