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I have an older Ipad that I want to start from scratch.

In the end it was painful slow...

So I choose Erase All Content and Settings in system.
Seems to work well, I choose language Swedish in my case, country as Finland, Wifi and password.

A message appear Download configuration

Then the message Vaasan kaupunki kommer att ställa in din Ipad automatiskt

Translation to English Vasa city will adjust your Ipad automatically

Press next prompt for login/password.

I have no idea what login or password I should type.

I have no connection at all to Vasa city.

I got the Ipad new from my work as a gift for a successful project we made.

I think it was 5-6 years ago.

Now I am stuck. The Ipad is unusable.

If I skip Wifi connection it just say Cannot download configuration.

I googled solutions it seems that the Ipad is somehow using DEP.

How is this even possible as I have never been in touch with Vasa city IT-department ?
This is just crazy!


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As you say, it looks like the iPad is assigned to a DEP Account. Before the iPad prompts you for a Password it should display the the DEP Account it is assigned to. It should also display contact information. Contact them and explain the Situation. If they remove the iPad from DEP you can then set it up normally.

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Just like Claudio said, that iPad is setup with DEP with Vasa City. If you explain it to them, perhaps they will release the iPad from DEP and then you can wipe it again and you will be able to setup the iPad.

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If they won't release it or you have problems contacting them, contact Apple. They will require proof of purchase. If your organization purchased it directly from Apple, then you just have to wait two days and they will clear it. (I wonder maybe they try to contact the former owner to see if the request is legit?) This can be a problem though if you bought from a local store like Best Buy or Staples, because a receipt from Staples is not what they want, they want to hear it from Staples, which is difficult (impossible?) to do.

There is also a method for using Apple Configurator to nuke the DEP lock. It's a bit convoluted but I've had to use it on several iPads here where faculty were sent to Best Buy to spend down department funds before the fiscal reset. Call Apple's Education help number for a walkthrough. This doesn't administer it with Configurator, it just gets it into your DEP through the back door, and lets you get it fully configured with Jamf. Note that when you do this, the device will be "soft locked" to your DEP for 30 days, and during that time it can be removed by the user. After 30 days, it solidifies and your DEP owns it, it will no longer be removable. (Apple recommends leaving the iPad in the hands of a more trusted user during this period, i.e. don't check out to students until it sets)