Restoring database to remote MySql instance?

New Contributor III

My Jamf-Pro server is in AWS on a RHEL 7 box. My jamf database resides on a separate RDS. My database.xml file has been edited appropriately. I am in the process of migrating to AWS from on-prem standalone linux box.
So i have made a backup of my on-prem database, and then shut down the on-prem server.
I am trying to restore that backup to my new AWS instance, where the app server is separate from the database (MySql) server.
I am getting an error, since MySql is not on the app server.
I tried putting that backup on the app server and using the <jamf-pro database restore /path/ to /file> but am getting an error. Does not matter whether i use sudo or not. It still wants MySql service to be running on the App server. My database guy is trying to drop the backed up database directly into MySql on the RDS now. But it seems i should be able to restore using the jamf-pro command on the app server.