Restrict iOS/iPadOS Apps from a Developer

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In my state (NJ) the governor just issued a directive to (among other things) disallow certain apps on government-owned devices. This includes TikTok which is garnering all the press, as well as many other apps from developers such as Huawei and Tencent. 

So restricting an app with a config profile is straightforward (wish I could DELETE the apps, but...). However, I'd like to restrict a developer's entire suite of apps, which theoretically should be easier than one app at a time. I just can't figure out how. Has anyone out there done this? TIA.


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Looking something similar to this (TX) here


one thing, seems could be done, for iPads is make unmanaged apps managed, then I can delete the app.  but I dont think there is an app for laptops (unless m1 etc)


I just (we all) just need to comply with the state order and would be nice to have or find something that makes it easier.