Restrictions Removal Tool

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Some background ...

We use a variety of configuration profiles for managing our student iOS devices and when it comes to troubleshooting devices with students, at times we remove restrictions temporarily to gain access to other parts of iOS. While it isn't too much work to exclude a device from a Config Profile scope via the JSS, we wanted to find a more efficient way to remove restrictions as well as expand the number of individuals that can troubleshoot while reducing the time to get other team members up to speed on JSS usage.

Using the JSS API and creating a static mobile device group excluded from the profile scope, I put together an OS X app (requires 10.10+) allowing you to enter a JSS Server, group ID and username (all of these settings can be saved for later use) along with a JSS password and device serial number to remove restrictions and re-apply them to a device for troubleshooting.

For those interested interested the Xcode project, documentation, usage, setup, code and app are available on the project GitHub page

I'm sure there is some room for changes and improvement but I wanted to share this in case it may provide useful for others.

Enjoy & if there are any ways to possible help this app be better, let me know! It is also a great learning opportunity for Swift