Revisiting Outlook for iOS, a discussion for the über-paranoid

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Hi Jamf Nation,

When Outlook for iOS was first released in 2015, it was noted by security researchers that credentials and mailbox data were cached within Amazon Web Services. The app itself was an acquisition from Acompli, whose architecture was based in AWS. That ruffled some feathers.

In March 2017, Microsoft added the following note to the article about Outlook for iOS and Android:

For improved performance, a subset of email, calendar, and file data from each user's mailbox is cached in the Outlook service. Because the app is based on Microsoft's recent acquisition of Acompli, the service currently runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are moving the Outlook service to Office 365, and plan to have that move completed soon. The information in the Outlook service is currently cached in the United States. As we move the Outlook service into Office 365, we will align to the principles of the Office 365 Trust Center with a regionalized data center strategy. In Office 365 a customer’s country or region, which the customer’s administrator inputs during the initial setup of the services, determines the primary storage location for that customer’s data. For more information, see the Office 365 Trust Center.

Can anyone using this application confirm whether the move has actually been completed?

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