Run casper imaging from Thunderbolt drive?

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Trying to run casper imaging from thunderbolt drive. (casper suite 8.62)

The goal is to get imaging done as quickly as possible over the thunderbolt I/O. after which, the imaged mac would report back the casper server that it had been successfully imaged.

almost had it done from this post:

run into problems when trying to use local drive as distribution point. after following steps in the post above. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

thank you!


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We stopped using local distribution points on Casper Imaging USB became too much to manage (good luck keeping them sync'd with the JSS). So now we have a Casper Imaigng image that any tech can use to create a Casper Imaging drive from a USB drive (as long as we give them access). As long as the tech is imaging a Mac in a location close enough to a Distribution Point to avoid any performance issues, should be golden. Boot from the Casper Imaging drive, and select the closest Distribution Point...hmm...didn't this get automagically selected for you in the past (seems to defalut to the Master Distribution Point now)?


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I think I will try cliff's suggestion:

(crosses fingers)