Scoping Devices/Groups to a Bulk of Apps simultaneously

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I recently added 20+ Apps and the Apps are going to be assigned to the same exact group of carts for a school.

Is there a way to select multiple apps and scope out to devices/groups without having to click on each single App name--> Edit -->Scope --> Save --> Done (Rinse & Repeat) one by one? It's very time consuming let's just say that you forgot to scope out a group or a single device for those 20+ Apps. You have to go back and Edit the App scope for each single app.

This may be a feature request but I haven't seen anyone requesting it. My vision would be a checkbox next to every single app and then you can define a scope to a that select group of Apps.

[Thanks Everyone]


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I agree with this. Ideally, I think one should be able to create a group of apps and scope the app package to individual or grouped devices. This is necessary in a school environment.

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@Steph I'd check the feature requests and see if what you're talking about has already been requested, or if not to add the feature request yourself so other folks can upvote to encourage its adoption into the JSS.

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This would save me a lot of time! Hope something like this gets added.

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See for a 3rd party tool to do this until the FR can be fulfilled.

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This should be HIGH PRIORITY. Other MDM systems (I have reviewed several) have this feature. It should not be hard for Jamf to add it.

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This needs to be a priority. It's great that there are people writing scripts and apps to do bulk functions, but quite frankly, this stuff should be baked into Jamf. It's a capability in at least 2 or other MDMs that I have used or trialed.

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Did anyone ever create a feature request for this?

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Need this ASAP!!!