Scoping Self Service Plug-ins



Working on trying to scope some Self Service URL Plug-ins using the method in this article here:

Which I thought was working great, but I'm finding now that if the jamf manage command is run the Plug-in is removed.

A bit confused because I thought management framework settings were updated at check-in, but when the computer checks in or when it's forced by running the jamf policy command doesn't seem to remove the Plug-ins, only when jamf manage is run?



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i found the same thing, had to set the policy to run at check-in and set it to ongoing so it just reinstalls it every time. Dirty but gets the job done.

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@mottertektura Try deploying them into a "Plug-ins" folder in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Self Service/ rather than using the "Managed Plug-ins" folder. I have a number of custom plug-ins I built that all live in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Self Service/Plug-ins/ and they continue to work fine and are not removed when the management framework is enforced. This is under JSS 9.99.0.