Screencasting on local systems

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Hi Folks, with the remote work/learning we have been doing for a year, we are getting some requests from faculty to add the ability to screencast to multiple users in a classroom. Something we have not done in the past.

I suggested we use Teams as it has been our go to tool for remote work and learning. However, a couple of teachers have asked for something different.

We have a license for NetSupport School but have yet to load it onto any of our Macs.

The goal is to not have projectors or large monitors in the classroom. When a teacher wants a student to share their screen with the class, they can easily share or screencast to the entire classroom.

Do any of you have experience with this? What have you done to solve this?

My suggestion has been to stick with Teams as it works and is supported by our helpdesk.

Your thoughts and insights are most welcome, thank you!