Screensaver login screen


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Hope everyone is having a good Friday.

So we had our power profile set by config profile for our lab devices to be always on for updates, patching etc. I though I had set a screen saver.

Seem not, some imacs are starting get image burn in from no movement on the screen. I have now added the settings to my login screen config profile.

Its works great if a user is logged in and they step away from the machine. However if the machine is at the login screen. It doesn't seem to kick in.

I assume it should as the machine is ideal but nothing happens.

As anyone else had this issue?


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I've done some digging and found a solution that may work for you but I have not personally been able to test this on any machines but it's worth giving a shot.

Create a script in Jamf Pro  run the following:
sudo defaults writer /Library/Preferences/
loginWindowIdelTime 60

sudo defaults writer /Library/Preferences/

loginWindowModulePath "/System/Library/Screen Savers/Arabesque.qtz"


Change Arbaesque to the screensaver you want to use.


Add this to a policy scoped do the devices you want this screensaver on, set to run once per computer.

Once this policy runs, it should hopefully work at next logout.