Script for Software Update installation with Deferral Method

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I have created a script which will Defer the installation and basically work on deferral count (instead of JAMF built in time based or deadline based method).I have taken the reference from Other Scripts that are available in JAMF Nation and modified the script as per our requirement.

By default Jamf provide the option to set a deadline(date) or specific time, for that limited time user will be able to defer the policy and as soon as the time limit exceeds, policy will get trigger automatically. But there is one issue with this approach as time limit exceeds user should get a final prompt or pop-up message that policy is going to "trigger" but most of the time this did not work properly.

The below script will work on deferral count and register the user deferral in a .txt file and as soon as the deferral limit exceeds it throws the final prompt or pop-up, so that user can close the application and save the work.

Go to the below link to access the script.