Script-mounted user shares not working on Wireless

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We have an AD environment and a logon script that mounts the user's share drive once the user authenticates. This works flawlessly on a wired connection. It worked under snow leopard on wired and wireless. We are having a difficult time on Lion though...

Is there a way to make Lion connect and stay connected to wireless at the login screen somehow? or Maybe delay the logon script? It seems like it fails to connect because wireless authentication isn't there at the login screen and stops trying to mount the folder during the login process.

We can manually mount the drive post logon and it works great but this is an annoying work around for our users.

I can post the script if needed. But it seems like Wireless is the issue. Thanks for anyone with any tips!


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Is your wifi network authenticated with certificates?

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Yes it's WPA2 Enterprise and pulls certificate. We also have a mac address based no encryption network as well

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I am having the same issue. It seems the issue is lack of connectivity via wireless prior to login. This also inhibits my domain users from logging in unless they are connected via Ethernet so I just need a way to authenticate to my WPA2 Enterprise network before the user logs in.