Script to Assign PreStage Enrollment?

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I believe we finally have our DEP / PreStage Enrollment install workflow working correctly. Initially we unscoped all of our existing Macs from the reStage Enrollment policy, as we didn't want existing Macs to be prompted for that enrollment. We have 1000 new devices sitting in our warehouse ready to go. These were automatically scoped out to our default PreStage Enrollment policy using the "Assign new devices" option, which is exactly what we wanted.

The question I have is: How do I "easily" scope the PreStage Enrollment to existing Macs as they are re-deployed? I don't want to scope the policy to ALL of our Macs, because I still don't want that prompt to pop up on Macs that are already enrolled and that people are actively using. However, I can see getting a batch of 400 or so Macs this Summer that we are going to want to wipe and re-install.

So, given a list of serial numbers, is there a way to scope the policy without having to search individually for those 400 serial numbers?


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There are no API endpoints currently for managing DEP PreStages so you are stuck doing it manually through the interface.