Scripting with Perl

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At JUNC I talked to several other people also interested in perl scripting in the managed client space. In fact, enough so that I agreed to make this post and see if, indeed there was enough interest in that as to fuel one or various things actually happening.

I'm afraid with one thing and another it's taken me rather a while, but here, finally, is that overdue "note on JAMF nation" :)

  1. Do you use perl for packaging or administrative scripts?
  2. Is this something you can and would consider in your organization?
  3. Is this something you would like to learn more about?
  4. Would you be interested in an on-site event at JAMF in Minneapolis?
  5. Do you have related experience or a deep interest and want to help teach, facilitate and otherwise have your life eaten by Perl if someone else picks up the beer?

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  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. one can always learn from the way others do things
  4. Yes.
  5. yes, Me and my partner in crime are pretty good at perl I would like to share and help as time permits. I might be able to swing a work trip given enough notice and if i can justify it with the boss.

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  1. Interested.
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. New York, please.
  5. School me now, beer later.