Second Tomcat without Load Balanacing

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We have a growing environment that is not Load Balanced yet. We have a need to have a second Tomcat instance for administrative tasks. I remember @jhbush1973 mentioned something about doing this. Is there an thread or article that can help us with this. We will eventually get Load balanced.
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You really could just set up a second tomcat instance, point it at the database, turn on clustering, and just point your admins to the admin task one. Really shouldn't be any more difficult then that.


@johnmcnair Your master JSS does a lot of heavy lifting (calculating smart groups, sending push notifications, etc). If you can make it so your master does not serve clients you might see some benefits. Then, like @chriscollins said, you can point your admins to that master JSS to run admin tasks. I am not aware of any documentation on this topic. I would highly recommend replicating this in a dev environment.

Basically you would stand up a new JSS, turn on clustering, point the DNS for your original JSS to resolve to the new cluster node. Clients should then start checking in only on the new cluster node.

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@brad Awesome, so basically:

  1. <-- keep the same FQDN (day to day administration, APNS, Smart Computer Group calculations, reports, etc.)
  2. <-- point clients to the new Tomcat (policies/reporting)

For this scenario, a re-enroll using a new QuickAdd pointing to would work. Not sure if simply changing the URL works, or if that might break enrollment?