SecUpd2021-004 Mojave.pkg full update download Question


Hi All, looking for some advice on this issue I have. Apple has not posted the full updater at YET?? So I decided to try this command line:
softwareupdate -d 'macOS Mojave Security Update 2021-004-10.14.6'

This downloaded the following:

As you can see the correct pkg I was expecting to get is in there "SecUpd2021-004 Mojave.pkg", however, it is only 953.7MB's. And there are 6 other .pkg's with it. If I were to deploy just the 950MB "SecUpd2021-004 Mojave.pkg" would this work? If not, and I assume the the others are needed. How would I create a policy to deploy them all and is there a load order?

Thanks for your help and insights on this!