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Hi all,

Somewhat a trivial question, but I have to ask it here.

With the new macOS Mojave 10.14.x, when installing an Application, most of the time it will ask the user for permission within System Preferences > Secuirty & Privacy > General. An example of this is

My question, if a person misses this request, and there the application gets blocked, is there a way to bring this annoying "cancel or allow" page back so the application installation does run properly?

I'm the Mac admin for our company, I'm getting tickets from people with the most trivial things not working. My guess is Mojave is blocking the application from running properly. So I want to document a way for the end-users to check if the application permission is allowed or blocked.

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That looks like Kernel extensions needing to be approved.
You can create a Config to sort that out in advance of the app needing to be installed. Sort the config and send it out, even if the app isn't there yet.
I find here, that I need to build a completely vanilla mac, with no MDM on it etc. Then install all of these Apps on it. Then you will need to hunt down the Team ID for the app and their display name. Once you have that you can create the Config and push that out to your Macs.
Then the user will not be asked to approve the app.
I believe you can get the request to return if you wait for more than 30 mins and reboot the Mac, then try to run the app again and it will ask again - but don't quote me on that, my memory is not as good as it used to be, there is a way to get it back.

Info on how in this thread...

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Just seen this thread...
There is a link in there to a spreadsheet of TeamID's, if you are lucky the ones you want will be in there.