Seemingly impossible puzzle

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Machines in my environment are experiencing a progressive worsening of wifi link speed, typically over the course of several days or weeks, until they reach single digits.

The issue is network agnostic, and occurs for local and remote users, both on and off vpn

I've been working on this problem for 3 months and am no closer to resolution, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

Steps taken:

  1. Recreated wifi profiles, created new network interface, modified dns settings, changed networks, changed MTU, disabled firewall

  2. Removed login items, scrutinized activity monitor and killed as many non-essential processes as I could find, unloaded all third party Launch Daemons and Launch Agents,

Restarting the machine fixes the situation every time (ie. speeds go from single to double or triple digits), but it's just a matter of time before they deteriorate again, so I am under a great deal of pressure to find the culprit. Any troubleshooting steps that might help me identify what could possible be throttling the connection would be greatly appreciated.


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How are you evaluating link speeds?

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@andymcp Primarily via but the "info" page of the macOS Network Utility, and all variety of speed test sites that we've tried mirror those results as well.

Its also worth noting that while we're primarily using wifi, the issue has been confirmed over wired connections as well, so it affects all network interfaces


So if you re install a Macbook from scratch and dont Do any install at (no Jamf or any other software the mac was not born with ) all the speed also drops ?

If it does it is a network issue and you should
Find some Strong network people That have a clean view on a topic you have worked long Time ago.
If it is only client with Jamf etc that has the issue it is a different scenario

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Thanks @andymcp and @Captainamerica, finally stumbled on the answer, it was the Pulse Secure VPN client, there is a known bug that causes network slowness even when the VPN is off and the application is closed, which should be addressed in a release slated for next week: