selectPolicy.php for Self Service - Start policies based on OS X version and space available

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Due to fact that the inventory in the JSS does not track free space on the startup drive, and Self Service does not double check the current OS X version or free space, I created this script I called selectPolicy.php to allow a nice user/admin friendly way of having items show in Self Service, but upon use both space and OS X version requirements are checked before running a custom event/trigger to actually perform the install.

When using you will need a set of basic policies for the installers with nothing but a custom event/trigger set on each of them.
The policy that will appear in Self Service will execute this script with the following variables:

4 - Should be the Application name i.e. What is being installed, this is used for error and notification messages as to the status of the install.
5 - Is the minimum space required in gigabytes to install.
6 - Is a comma separated list of minimum OS X versions required for each install policy.
7 - Is another comma separated list, but of the custom event/trigger names of each install policy setup in JSS.
8 - Is an optional message to tell the user who to contact if they have problems.


// Version 1.0 created by Richard Smith, July 2015
// Support and Copyright is zip, zero, none, as it is available "as is" and can be changed to your hearts content.

if (count($argv) < 8) {
 print("Error, missing required input from JSS, Please add the Application Name, Space Required, OS Version(s) Required, JSS Custom Event(s), and Contact information for the error message

// JSS auto filled
$mountPoint = $argv[1];
$computerName = $argv[2];
$username = $argv[3];

// JSS manual fill
$appName = $argv[4];
$spaceRequired = $argv[5];
$versionRequired = explode(",", $argv[6]); // comma separated list of OS versions required for each custom event
$policyEvent = explode(",", $argv[7]); // comma separated list of custom events to match OS versions required
$pleaseContact = "Please contact your local IT support for help";
if (isset($argv[8])) { $pleaseContact = $argv[8]; }

if (count($versionRequired) != count($policyEvent)) {
 print("Error, comma separated lists of OS Version(s) and JSS Custom Event(s) have a different number of items in them, please list the minimum version required for each custom event.

// Messages for user
$errOS = "The computer requires an OS upgrade before $appName can be installed ($versionRequired[0] required).";
$errSpace = "The computer needs more space available to install $appName ($spaceRequired GB required).";

// Primary HD space
$GetDrive = preg_split('/s+/', trim(`df -g $mountPoint | grep "/dev/"`));
$spaceFree = $GetDrive[3]; // 3 contains available space

$spaceErr = ($spaceFree < $spaceRequired);

// OS Version
$osVersion = trim(`sw_vers -productVersion`);

function osConvert ($os) {
 $osBreakout = explode(".", $os);
 $newOS = ($osBreakout[0] * 10000) + ($osBreakout[1] * 100);
 if (isset($osBreakout[2])) {
  $newOS = $newOS + $osBreakout[2];
 return $newOS;

$myOSVersion = osConvert($osVersion);

$versionPolicyIndex = -1; // we are looking for the first failure
foreach($versionRequired as $myVersion) {
 if (osConvert($myVersion) > $myOSVersion) {
$versionErr = ($versionPolicyIndex == -1);

// If there is a problem, report it and error out
if ($spaceErr || $versionErr) {
 if ($spaceErr) { $myErr = $errSpace; }
 if (isset($myErr) && $versionErr) {
  $myErr = $myErr."
 } elseif ($versionErr) {
  $myErr = $errOS;
 $myErr = $myErr."
 `/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/ -startlaunchd -windowType utility -title "Error" -heading "Cannot install $appName" -description "$myErr" -icon /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/AlertCautionIcon.icns -button1 "Cancel" -timeout 600`;

// Tell JSS to execute the selected policy
print("Installing $appName with policy $policyEvent[$versionPolicyIndex]
`/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/Management Action -title "Self Service" -activate "com.jamfsoftware.selfservice" -subtitle "Installing $appName" -message "Another notification will be sent on completion."`;

passthru("jamf policy -event $policyEvent[$versionPolicyIndex] -forceNoRecon", $installErr);
// Forcing no recon to help reduce the number of times an inventory update is performed, when using this script it is
// best to use inventory update on the policy running this script, and not on the policy or policies this script is calling.
// Using passthru() to pass log messages we do not need on through, and to capture the return state in case of errors, such as install failed.

if ($installErr) { // Install Failed
 `/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/Management Action -title "Self Service" -activate "com.jamfsoftware.selfservice" -subtitle "Installation Failed" -message "$pleaseContact"`;
 print("$appName Not Installed
} else { // Install Succeeded
 `/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/Management Action -title "Self Service" -activate "com.jamfsoftware.selfservice" -subtitle "Installation Complete" -message "$appName is now ready to use."`;
 print("$appName Installed


I also created this script because I have previously created 3 related feature requests and supported a 4th that this script helps to solve:
Add a tick box option to accept one package installed as successful
Mac Self Service field specific enforce inventory update when opened.
Mac Self Service option to have a policy grey out when exceptions met.
Add specialized software distribution policies


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I'm just wondering if anyone is using this?